Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Take Time

Name: Cecilia Fetters
From: Fort Mill, SC
Grade: 11
Votes: 0



It’s too easy to hit the road without knowing what one is doing.
After all, once you understand the mechanics of operating a vehicle,
physically driving it feels simple. A false sense of security can
settle, even when one has no clue how the laws and practicalities
surrounding driving work. The reality is that uninformed, distracted,
and careless driving takes lives upon lives annually. It’s
important to know the responsibility that comes with the keys! It can
be as simple as asking a responsible, experienced driver for advice,
taking a class seriously, or doing a little extra research.

I have never been in a car accident, but the number of close calls I
have experienced has convinced me that I must know what to do in
every situation presented. I have seen cars spin out of control on
the highway, hydroplane, and roll over. Every single time, my heart
stops inside my chest and my stomach drops. If one comes into a
difficult situation that requires a split-second decision, their
driving education is vital to minimizing damage and loss of life. It
requires the use of your whole brain, not just part!

Practicing with better drivers and learning how to do something in
both theory and practicality could save lives. Keeping focused on the
road is vital to the safety of everyone on the road. Taking time to
learn the correct way can feel boring or pointless. However, it makes
more of a difference than you think! One never knows what situation
one may be thrust into on the road. We must be ready for every

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