Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Teenage Guardian Angel

Name: Monique Rideaux
From: Houston, TX
Grade: College Freshmen
School: Texas Southern University
Votes: 44

Monique Rideaux


Teenage Guardian Angel

The importance of driver education is to ensure that teenagers feel
comfortable driving, gain knowledge about the rules of the road, and
know that when they drive they are risking their lives. Teenagers
that practice driving with their parents are less likely to get into
car accidents. For example, I have been driving for 3 years. I
received my license when I was 18 years old. Before I got my license,
I practiced for a year. I believe that being knowledgeable about the
signs of the road can help you be a safe driver. People have been
killed because they overlook warning signs. Driving is a new
responsibility to take on that comes with being aware, using your
judgment, and being considerate of others. Having effective
communication with other drivers can help prevent accidents. While I
was driving with my parents, I learned proper judgment on the road,
effective communication, and being aware of other drivers on the

When people use their emotions to drive rather than their logic, they
can put people in danger. For example, my dad has experienced
first-hand road rage while driving. He intentionally merged in front
of someone because the other driver’s headlights were not on. My
dad was followed home and confronted by the angry driver with a
weapon. The man approached my dad’s car angry about being cut off.
Despite the driver’s aggressive approach to the misunderstanding,
my dad remained calm and apologetic. If my dad had not addressed the
situation with logic, it could have escalated into a violent
situation. From a more personal experience, I have witnessed my
cousin engage in road rage. I thought her behavior was very
irresponsible because she could have received a hostile response from
the other driver. My cousin was taking a risk and putting herself in
harmful situation by the way she responded. As a passenger, I was
concerned for my safety. I think road rage is dangerous because it
can lead to an increase in deaths due to violent encounters.

I can promote safe driving by sharing the rules of the road with my
friends. I can also go to high schools and speak to them about the
importance of safe driving and if the rules are not followed the
impact it can have on the rest of your lives. In high school,
speakers would come to talk about safe driving and the rules of the
road. From their talks, I was able to understand the severity of safe
driving. I can explain to them that planning ahead of time to go
somewhere can be beneficial to their safety by reducing the
possibility of getting into a car accident. Although I consider
myself a safe driver, I do not always plan ahead. I will work on
being more prepared and organized to eliminate the stress of rushing
to get to my destination. I will be able to take my time driving,
knowing there will be no pressure on me to be on time. Having a plan
of action can save your life because it can be the difference between
life and death. A plan of action is a plan that an individual has in
their head and can just proceed in acting accordingly. Accidents
happen all the time and the people who do not have a plan of action
can suffer tremendously due to lack of preparation. Ultimately, with
proper awareness and the spreading of behind-the-wheel safety
guidelines, driving causalities will plummet tremendously and
eventually be a thing of the past.

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