Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Texting and Driving: The Foil in the Microwave

Name: Tirzah Lloyd
From: Grove City, PA
Grade: College sophomore
School: Grove City College
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Forward Scholarship Essay

and Driving

Foil in the Microwave

what might happen if you gave a five-year-old a bowl of soup covered
in aluminum foil and asked them to heat it up in the microwave.
Would it not be reasonable to hear shrieks moments later when sparks
started to fly because the child hasn’t taken off the foil before
microwaving? If they haven’t been taught the way microwaves work,
they won’t know. If they haven’t be taught how foil acts in a
microwave, they won’t know. If they haven’t been taught certain
guidelines for using the microwave, they won’t know. But the
microwave can be stopped, and the child will have a second chance to
learn. But what if the consequences were so severe that there were
no second chances? In that case, wouldn’t it be better to teach
the child before letting them use dangerous equipment?

why do we not take the time to ensure that teenagers understand the
dangers of distracted driving before we let them behind the wheel?
Teenagers are often warned about the dangers of driving under the
influence, so why do we neglect to also mention that the same results
may occur even if it’s “just texting” that causes the
distraction or confusion. When under the influence of drugs or
alcohol, your judgement and perception is impaired. When you split
your attention between the road and your phone, your judgement and
perception is impaired. We must warn teens about the dangers of
distracted driving and suggest how they can reduce the risk of
accidents. In this task, everyone has a part to play. First,
calling all adults. Be a good example; Don’t text and drive,
acting as though you have control over the situation. By doing these
things, you’ve given up the one aspect you can control: your focus
on the road. Second, calling all teens. Make it cool to be
unreachable in the car. Don’t shame your peers who seem like
“safety freaks.” Freak out instead if they are putting their
lives at risk just to respond to your text.

shotgun passenger is now to be dubbed the “shotgun secretary.”
Official director of all incoming and outgoing correspondence for the
driver. Instead of being the annoying assistant driver, the backseat
passenger is now to assume the title of “assistant to the driver.”
The roles are changed. The dangers of distracted are exposed. By
helping each other out, we can accomplish protection through our
proactive acts of prevention.

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