Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – The Dangers of Driving

Name: Ella M Trautmann
From: Fargo, North Dakota
Grade: Junior Year (11th)
School: North Dakota State University
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80 percent of all driving crashes contribute to the fact that the
driver was not paying attention or being distracted, this information
was according to teensafe.com. Hundreds, even thousands of people are
getting hurt in driving accidents.

someone is in the process of getting their driver license. They will
first need to take a test to get their permit. This test has all the
things that people need to know when they are on the road. These
rules will not go away. When someone is out on the road they need to
stay focused on multiple things. Is this light green, is there any
cross traffic, is there someone in the crosswalk? These drivers need
to be educated on staying focused on these things and many others. If
more and more drivers understand how to drive on the road, the
accident rate will go down.

I was a couple years old, I was in a car accident with my mother.
This man was in the right lane, we were in the left lane, and he
wanted to be in the left turn lane. He ran right into us. He
obviously was not paying attention. He was only thinking about
getting into the turning lane. The only good thing was that there
were no injuries. The man turned out to be a teenager around fifteen
or sixteen years old. He was a young driver who didn’t know how to
control his vehicle and surroundings.

try to think that I’m a good or decent driver but there are things
that I could improve. I always listen to my music relatively loud.
This is a type of distracted driving and could be impacting the way
that I drive.  I almost always have people in my car and I
always talk with them. This has distracted me on multiple occasions.
The major thing that distracts on the road is- cellphones. I’m not
even going to lie, I have used my phone while driving. I do know that
this is illegal in the state of North Dakota and it kills hundreds
ever year but sometimes I want to text back that one person. All
these things distract me while I’m driving, and I need to learn to
stop doing them.   

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