Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – The Growing Negatives to Driving

Name: Cody James Wells
From: Springville, New York
Grade: 12th
School: Springville Griffith Institute
Votes: 0

things are controversial and these things have a big influence on
what people think or do. Young people, especially, are very easily
convinced on what they are being told, taught in schools, and pushed
into believing a certain political side. These controversial things
can cause a lot of tension with other young students and even with
teachers too.

of all, offensive or traumatizing things can cause a lot of emotions
and pain to somebody and can stick with somebody for years depending
on the situation. With the controversial books, ideas, or speakers
could actually make the situation better or worse depending on what
the topic is. But this can be a possibility of many ways but overall
I disagree with this statement. There are a lot of things that people
find offensive or traumatizing but are actually not. They say these
things are but they actually just do not like what they are hearing
whether it be true or not.

Secondly, the 1st amendment
was put into place with for the freedom of speech no matter what that
person says that have the freedom to say it. Now holding people
accountable for saying this stuff violates there 1st amendment
rights. These controversial things should not be shielded because it
will help the young population grow and know what to say and what not
to say. But their should be some type of regulation on this because
some people can push their ideas on the young population and get them
to follow them. By doing this they are basically brainwashing them
and causing them to believe in the one thing they were told when they
were younger. That is why they should have some regulation on this
but otherwise shouldn’t be shielded because people can learn what has
happened and what not to said.

Next, controversial books,
speakers, and many ideas have been around ever since the day of time.
These things are caused by somebody not agreeing to the right thing
or something else and trying to get there opinion even if it is
offensive. These ideas or examples in the book should still be looked
at or compared to other topics to see if they also have things that
are offensive. Also, they should let people see these offensive
things so people can learn what not to make, say, or even do. These
things are a learning point for the young people and should not be
shielded. Overall this helps people learn and become smarter in the
things they do do they won’t repeat the same thing.

and all these controversial books, ideas, or speakers can be very
hurtful but everybody has their own opinion even if it is offensive
to somebody or a group of people. Also, these controversial ideas
should be open to compare to other topics and learn from this if they
are also offensive or traumatizing. Lastly, these ideas should be
free to expression and debate because even though it might be wrong
and offensive that person or persons have a right to there own

  • Some
    people say young people should be shielded from controversial books,
    ideas or speakers, because these could be traumatizing or offensive.
    Do you agree? If not, why not? If yes, who

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