Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – The highway is a scary place.

Name: Bonita L Ketzler
From: Anchorage, alaska
Grade: GED
School: Nine Star Enterprises
Votes: 0

whole 38 years of life I have always thought driver education was a
smart idea. I did not think anyone should get a license without first
attending drivers education, child or adult alike. I believe that
driver education should always be mandatory. To go through
driver education is a very important step to take to make the
highways a safe place drive. If everyone was to attend driver
education I think it would cut the death rate by at least

myself, have not been in a car accident but many people around me has
had those terrible experiences. I have a step mother who was in a
vehicle that ran over and killed her own mother when she was 17 years
old. The car was full of underage drivers that did not go through
drivers education and they took the life of another human being. When
I was 15 years old I had a couple of friends that thought they could
steal a car and go joy riding. While doing that they ended up getting
into a high-speed chase with the police and crashed the car. The car
flipped a bunch of times. My friend that was in the driver seat
shattered his face. My friend that was in the passenger seat
shattered his arm. Their friend that was in the back seat died
instantly. That was another result of not going through driver

think that the driver education fees should get reduced so all of us
Americans can afford to attend the classes to make the roads not such
a scary place to drive on, so we can cut the number of deaths as a
result of driving.

steps I can take to become a better and safer driver is to not drive.
But since that won’t work for too long I will have to attend driver
education, always wear a seatbelt, obey the speed limits, and rely on
all 3 mirrors.


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