Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – The Importance of Safe Driving

Name: Garrett Pritchard
From: Little Rock, AR
Grade: 10
School: Pulaski Academy
Votes: 0

year, over 30,000 people are killed due to reckless driving. One
reason for the high number of deaths is due to the lack of education
in drivers out on the road. Education is simultaneously the most
important thing in life today and drivers should be educated on the
rules of the road and the laws set out by the state before sitting in
that driver seat. For starters, we could raise the age limit of when
teenagers are able to begin driving alone without supervision. We
could also require a safe driving class be taken before eligible to
get a driver’s license. And lastly, there could be an increase of
police along the roads and interstates to provide more safety. Every
day I face an experience of dangerous driving with my friends and my
parents because they all text and drive and never concentrate while
operating the vehicle. To become a safer driver and help others be a
better driver, I could begin to keep myself focused on the road more
and stop others from texting and driving and talking on the phone

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