Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – The importantance of driving safe

Name: Mariah Sade Johnson Thornton
From: Mckinney, Texas
Grade: Junior
School: Mckinney North High School
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Mariah Johnson

1407 Edelweiss dr,
Allen Tx 75002

Mckinney North HS

importance of Driver Education Course is very informational because
it builds knowledge for young drivers who are taking a big step in
life. Kids parents might be great drivers, but they may not be the
best to teaching their children everything they need to know to stay
safe. Drivers Education knows exactly how to prepare kids such as the
basic safety tips that could save their lives, and knowing what the
state expects. They reinforce the best instructions and practices to
keep young kids alert and secured on the road. Having knowledge on
these specific safety regulations can save so many kids lives. The
steps that can be taken to reduce car accident deaths is ensuring
your child follows all rules while driving on the road. The rules may
become bothersome to some kids, but it is important that they know
to wear their seat belt, check their mirrors, use their signals, and
drive the speed limit at all times. Even having the music up too
loud, texting while driving, speeding, or having friends in the car,
can increase the risk of car accidents that may result in deaths. To
keep these incidents from happening, kids need to take Driver
Education Course. It’s the fastest, easiest and thorough course
your child can take. The videos, animations, audio components, are
all supporting in ensuring young adults are guarded. My first
experience in a car accident was scary. I was driving without my
prescribed contacts because I could not find them and was late for
school. Not being able to see the road and have the world be blurry
while trying to drive was nerve- racking to me. After me failing to
get myself together the night before and driving irresponsibly and
rushing, it caused me to run into a truck and have whiplash. Since
then I have taken caution in what I’m doing while driving, I always
confirm that I can see first, and always follow the rules that I was
personally taught when I took Drivers Education. What I can do to
help other become safer on the road is ensure they know the road
knowledge and check they follow all the rules they know so they can
have a lower risk of being in car accidents. Don’t tailgate, stop
at the stop signs and only know how to drive appropriately. They need
to make sure that they are safe, but other young adults on the road
as well.

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