Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – The Responsibility of Driving

Name: Shayla Tillman
From: Lockport, New York
Grade: 11th
School: Starpoint High School
Votes: 0

You’re sixteen,
and finally you can drive. That is once you complete your five-hour
course, get your permit and take the road test. Everyone looks
forward to this day in their life as a right of passage. To finally
be considered a young adult, and be able to go places without having
to beg and plead for a ride. Sure we all drive cautiously when we
first start out, but as time goes on that sense of caution fades. I
understand, places to go people to see, I get it, but do you know how
many accidents happen in the world every year? Thirty-Four Thousand
people a year die from car accidents, that’s outstanding because
this happens to be more than the amount of people who died in the
Iraq and Afghanistan war combined. Driving was created to make
transportation easier and more efficient, not make the world more
dangerous than what it is. When driving, remember that you are not
the only person on the road. Be an offensive and defensive driver, so
there is no way you can be the reason for the accident or even the
victim in an accident. Leave earlier and don’t get distracted by
anything on the road or in the car. One of my best friends got into a
very bad car accident and went through very extensive brain
surgeries. He went through depression, and extreme amounts of pain.
He even had to miss a whole year of school and would even have to
constantly miss days due to his headaches being too much to bear.
Even though the car accident wasn’t his fault, it still took a
piece of his life that he can’t ever get back. Drive safe, don’t
drink and drive, and please use the basics in a car like the
blinkers. Even using blinkers can ultimately determine whether or not
an accident occurs or not.

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