Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – “The Road Could Be Safer”

From: Milford, PA
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Nico Forlenza
Youth Forward Scholarship

Hello, my name is Nico Forlenza, and I currently attend Delaware
Valley High School in Milford, PA. I am in my senior year at the
moment. For the first question that you asked, “what is the
importance of driver education”. There are many reasons to why.
One, when young teenagers are learning how to drive, they need more
than just parental lessons. Drivers Ed teaches everything about the
road, what to do, and not to do. Parents are not going to know
absolutely every sign, and signal by heart, but in the classroom,
students can be taught every little detail about getting their
license and experiencing the road. For the question, “what steps
can be taken to reduce the number of deaths related to driving”,
there is major question that has always been pushed. That is, “should
the age teenagers can get their license stay sixteen or be bumped up
to eighteen”. It should be bumped up to eighteen because student’s
brains are less developed when they are sixteen. Not that students
are fully matured when they are eighteen, but it is less risky.
Better yet, at eighteen, you are considered an adult, at sixteen, you
are still considered a child. For the third question, yes, I have
been very close to being in a car accident. One time, my father and I
were on our way to my grandmother’s house. This occurred on a busy
highway, with every car averaging a fast, but safe speed. One car
came racing down the road, aggressively switching lanes. They were
averaging about 80 MPH as everyone else was doing 60. The car ended
up flipping off the highway right next to our car as it tried passing
us. The vehicle must have slipped. If it had not, my father and I may
have been involved in the accident. I am glad we were not involved in
the crash. Yes, I have been in a car with a friend who was driving
irresponsibly, but not badly. When I get my license, I plan on being
very safe on the road. For the final question, I can always stay up
to date on driving laws, always have a routine in getting my vehicle
checked, don’t drive if the weather is bad, take an Uber sometimes.
To help family and friends stay safer on the road, I would tell them
to stay up to date on driving laws, warn them if aggressive weather
is on the way, and most importantly, tell them to never drive under
the influence of alcohol or drugs. Getting a ride home from a friend
is the only choice. I’d like to thank you for your time.

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