Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – We Can Make a Change

Name: Kaitlin Kidd
From: Salem , ohio
Grade: Freshman in college
School: Kent State University
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Forward Scholarship Opportunity



Can Make a Change

can be a safety hazard people do not pay attention too how fast they
are going or sometimes they are not even staring at the road at all.
People make a choice to be a danger on the roads, while yes, some are
just bad drivers that have not been taught correctly. But this
generation causes the most deaths because they might want to feel the
rush of speeding down the roads. Some do not think at all what life
they put in danger by making those kinds of choices, they risk their
lives and the lives of other just by making those decisions. While I
have seen some people on the road that still look down at their
phones and slam their cars into the people in front of him. In this
generation people care more about what makes them feel happy than
about the lives of other. So going through life without thinking
about what could happen the dangers that could possibly be lurking
around the corner. I could not imagine how it would feel too cause
the death of another person. So speeding around cars just too get
where you want to be faster is not the right decision in life. Maybe
just get up earlier and make sure that we have enough time to get
where we need to be on time.

is all based on the choices that we make in life depend on how much
we care about other human life. Which we need too these people have
lives and people who loved them. I have only ever been in one car
crash in my life. It was not a major one just caused some neck
injuries and whiplash too my dad. Two ladies were talking and not
paying attention that there was a construction stop just about that
we were stopped first at. So they had slammed into the back of us
jerking us forward. They both got out and started to apologize
immediately too us and went around to check if each one of us was
okay. We definitely were, we just had some minor injuries and  we
had to go to the hospital so that they would be able to check some of
my family out just mostly my father who had a little neck injury. It
is mostly because people need too remain cautious and obey the laws
that are put in place. They were put in place for a reason not so
people could just ignore them and do whatever they please. They were
put in place so people could stay safe and remind them that there not
the only ones that are currently on the road. So the reason that
people need too be safe is because they are a danger as soon as that
car starts. So maintain a safe distance and speed at all times when
driving on the road.

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