Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – When The Unstoppable Meets the Immovable

Name: Justin D Holden
From: San Antonio, TX
Grade: 11
School: Clark High School
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When The Unstoppable Meets the Immovable

By Justin D.
Holden, 2/23/19

When I am a
college student next year, I will be able to answer the philosophical
mental exercise which asks, “what happens when an unstoppable force
meets and immovable object.”

I could not wait
to get my license. I was desperate to the point of distraction about
getting my license and driving a car. I studied the handbook, got my
permit, annoyed my parents so that anytime the car was in motion, I
was behind the wheel. Finally, after six months, I took my drivers
test and scored 98 percent on my test! License achieved!

I was
unstoppable. Having a license and access to a car means freedom to
go where you want. I could be anywhere in the city in less than 20
minutes. No more public transportation for me. What could possibly
go wrong?

Two months later
I totaled my mom’s car by deciding at the last minute to take an
exit off the highway and driving head first into a concrete barrier.
Luckily for me, it was a well-made car, so between the seatbelts and
many airbags, I receive only minor abrasions and muscle sprains even
though the car was literally left in pieces. As it turned out, I was
not as unstoppable as I believed. The concrete, on the other hand,
never moved and is still right there.

I had been warned
repeatedly to watch my speed. During my many hours of driving
lessons, I was told to never take an exit and the last minute. It is
always safer to just take the next exit and work my way back to where
I want to go. None of that mattered. At that moment I was so sure of
my driving abilities that I took a chance. I was speeding. I was
reckless. I could have died or killed someone that day.

It is not worth
it to take chances. I am more careful now. It is better to arrive
late than not at all.

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