Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Why Drive Responsibly?

Name: Lizeth Bahena-Dominguez
From: San Diego, California
Grade: Junior
School: Herbert Hoover High School
Votes: 18

Lizeth Bahena-Dominguez

8, 2019

Why Drive Responsible?

education is vital to the future of our society. It is extremely
important for everyone to learn how to drive properly for their
safety and safety of others. As humans we should be responsible
enough to not drink and drive or text behind the wheel. Although
there are other causes of dangerous driving, I believe these are the
most important.

the United States, nearly 88,000 deaths are caused each year as a
result of drunk drivers and one out of four accidents are due to cell
phone activity. Teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are nearly three times
more likely than drivers aged 20 and older to be in a fatal crash.

possible solution to these problems is to campaign for authorities to
enforce Drivers Education at schools and require that every student
participate. Another solution could be for drivers to always contact
authorities when they see suspicious activity from another vehicle.

I have experienced my family members driving irresponsibly in ways
such as using their electronic device and driving above speed limit.
Thankfully this has not resulted in any accident. Although I do not
currently drive, I will make sure to educate myself as much as
possible on safe driving skills and to always be alert of my

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