Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – yes

Name: Issac Mendez
From: Cathedral City, California
Grade: baconator1247@gmail.com
School: baconator1247@gmail.com
Votes: 0

Guided Reading Activity – 9.1

  1. Define the term mental

  2. What distinguishes mental
    disorders that are classified as organic disorders from those
    classified as functional disorders?

  3. List two possible causes or
    organic and functional disorders (two each).

  4. Define the term anxiety

  5. List the four main types of
    anxiety disorders. Then write a phrase that describes each disorder.

  6. Define the term mood

  7. List two types of mood

  8. Describe how clinical
    depression differs from the blues.

  9. List two eating disorders?

  10. Give one example of a conduct

  11. What is schizophrenia?

  12. List four ways you can help
    defeat the social stigma of mental illness.

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