Name: Andrew GREENWOOD
From: ARLINGTON, Texas
Grade: Senior
School: Kennedale High School
Votes: 13


A firefighter, doctor, a sport celebrity could be a person’s first
thoughts when they think of a
A champion can be found anywhere at any time, no matter how small the
action. You never know how you impact people around you.

I have been a part of the Texas 4H Youth Organization for the last 8
years. One of the main aspects of this organization is contributing
to the world around you in civil and community service. One of the
events they hold nationwide is 4H One Day. For 3 years I have
participated in the annual event with several different actions. I
collected water bottles, drinks and snacks for the Kennedale Fire
Department. They were so thankful and happy to have these items. I
helped collaborate our participation in the “Fans in the Stands”
for Special Olympics held at UT Arlington. We made encouragement
posters and cheered them on at the opening ceremony. It was so
rewarding to see their faces light up with joy. I have also been a
part of Mission Arlington Homeless Mission. I have participated by
preparing food boxes for the Thanksgiving Meal handouts and sorting
donations. It was hard work but I hope my sacrifice helped make
someone’s holiday better in their time of need. On a weekly basis,
I help with the children’s ministry at my church. I work with the
media team and run the cameras. I have also had the opportunity to
do other outside events with the team. I average about 8-10 hours a
week and it is also a field I am interested in studying.

Overall, I feel the most challenging and impactful volunteer event wasCamp
held at the 4H Camp and Conference Center in Brownsville, TX.Camp
is held nationwide for kids that have a parent in the Military who
have been wounded or lost their lives. I was the mentor counselor
for a group of 8-10 year old boys for a week. This experience taught
me patience, understanding and responsibility. A listening ear was
necessary, as these kids have a lot weighing on them. We definitely
kept them busy and some kept the energy till their heads hit the
pillow. This was a week long camp and overall, I was accountable for
the youth all day ( 7am-11pm)

I also think of the Golden Rule…”do unto others as you would have
done to you.” As I am getting older and approaching adulthood, I’m
starting to see how these opportunities have helped shape my
character and awareness of others needs. I just want to make a
difference in someone’s life and maybe that will spark a “pay it
forward” effect.

I can see how all of these opportunities to serve others will impact my
career. I will need people skills, compassion and the commitment. I
have worked in a variety of settings and with various ages. I feel
all these experiences give me a good perspective. Maybe in just
writing this, someone will be inspired to be a
and go out of their comfort zone to help others.