Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2018 – I’m So Hungry, I Could Eat A Cow

Name: Sarah Noel
From: Pembroke Pines, Florida
Grade: High School- Grade 11
School: College Academy at Broward College
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So Hungry, I Could Eat A Cow

I often immerse myself in my studies, especially mathematics, or
watching one of my favorite TV shows on Netflix. After so much energy
being exhausted from either doing practice problems or
binge-watching, I get hungry. My stomach starts to rumble, and my
feet starts walking towards the kitchen in search for food. I look
within my cabinets and refrigerator for any snack to help dismiss my
roaring stomach. Unfortunately, the bread in the fridge does not
interest me and I am not in the mood to cook any of the pasta in the
cabinets. The next step is me complaining about how there is never
any food in house, even though that is not the case.

This scenario, thatused to be a daily occurrence in my routine, made me realize the issue of
child hunger within my community and made me more appreciative of the
food I used to take for granted. Of course, I do not suffer with this
issue because I have food in my fridge and cabinets; I am just not in
the mood to eat or cook any of the food available to me.

I know child hunger is a serious issue that specifically effects
75,000* in
just Broward County, therefore effecting the wellness, health, and
education of children, because they are not getting the necessary
nutrients to help them grow big and strong, and without a full
stomach they get distracted and cannot focus during school. I know
when I skip breakfast in the morning because I am rushing out the
house and did not have any time to grab anything, it is harder for me
to focus in my morning classes and I often get distracted and
embarrassed when a loud growl emits from my stomach.

Therefore, I believe it is important for others to learn and understand the
issues pertaining towards child hunger. I have managed to help reduce
the issues of childhood hunger by being a Lead Volunteer with
Pack-A-Sack, which is a nonprofit organization that helps reduce the
impact of child hunger within Broward County. The program targets
over 9 schools and helps over 120 kids, which allows them to have
food over the weekend and during the long breaks incorporated
throughout the school calendar when they are not in session.

For over two years I have dedicated at least two hours each week towards
packing bags and boxes of food for children and leading other youth
volunteers by delegating tasks for them to complete. I never know
what to expect when going to Pack-A-Sack. There are days where sweat
starts to break when food is continuously being taken off the shelf,
there are still one hundred bags to pack, and our stock starts to
diminish, and the crossing of fingers takes place in hopes of
reaching our goal. Even though there are moments where tensions are
high it warms my blood knowing that I am spending my time doing
something that I am passionate about and helps my community.

*According to Sheli Muniz on NBC’s Channel 6 News in a video
pertaining to “Fierce Female Friday Pack-A-Sack”

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