My year in ROTC

Name: Edwin Chacon
From: Watauga, TX
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Back when I was in JROTC in my freshman year we always did volunteer work
every single week and it was always different kinds of work, like
helping people, doing car washes, helping people with their 12k bike
run, we did all kinds of things and it was pretty interesting if I’m
going to be frank with you.

Our major responsibilities while volunteering was always keep the people
happy and never fool around and disrespect anyone, always respect the
people and help them with whatever they need help with because that’s
what a good person will do with the citizens of Keller ISD. When I
was volunteering for ROTC I always loved trying new things and
helping the people because it gave me a good happy feeling and
especially when I see the people’s faces and reactions of what we
did to help those people just brings joy into my heart and if I could
do it again I would without a doubt. The biggest challenge of doing
the volunteering was getting all my hours in for ROTC because there’s
this sirten amount of hours I have to do and it was a lot and I had
to make lots of time for my schedule and sometimes I would have to do
the hardest volunteering that some of us didn’t want to do so I did
those a lot to get the hours in and because I liked the people’s
reactions. While I volunteer I learn a lot about people and who they
are and learn that not all people in this world are bad and you just
really see a clearer picture in this world and it’s just wonderful
to meet plenty of brand new people, you hear their stories and there
life it’s all just very fascinating. Doing these volunteer works
made me see a clear picture in my life and that made me decide what I
wanted to pursue my goal In life in becoming a politician and use my
power to help people who are struggling in their life and hopefully I
could change some things for the greater good.