Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2018 – Volunteer Expirience

Name: Catalina Montenegro
From: denver, Colorado
Grade: 10th grade sophomore
School: DSST Cole HS
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Volunteer Experience

Before my experience, volunteering was something that wasn’t interesting
to me because to me volunteering seemed like hard work for no pay,
and back then to the old me, which was a no. That was one of my
biggest challenges too, having to actually grow out of that laziness
to do something out of my comfort zone. Overcoming this challenge, it
was difficult for me because of the type of person I am, usually for
a challenge like this I would not come to try to tackle it but for
this I decided otherwise. I knew that volunteering for this would
help build a good look on my character and would have a positive
result, therefore I decided to take the chance and try something new.
As a volunteer I knew I would have to mentally prepare myself to do
things that may have not been familiar to or used to but I would have
to stick by my word and do as I should. I had to make sure fulfilled
what I have promised which was to be a reliable person. I chose to
volunteer in local church that would require some cleaning and just
holding out a hand when help was needed. This was more challenging to
me because i would go in and not know what i would have to be fitted
for and nothing was consistent so it was more or less stressing to be
prepared for the unknown. To overcome the stress that these built up
responsibilities brought I had to make sure I made time for myself
and made sure that I was doing self-check-ins to be good and figure
out ways to handle things. As a volunteer what has gave me the most
satisfaction is the simple facts of helping others and making them
happy. Putting a smile on someone’s face can do more than a lot.
What I have learned overall was that even though something might not
seem fun or in your interest it is important to have an open mind and
try new things. Forward looking to me means to not look back on the
past and to progress into the future for the greater good. In the
world I hope to help as much as I can. I know that may seem absurd to
think at my age but I truthfully want to make this world a better
place. Ways to initiate that are as to do as I am doing a help little
by little as I can such as volunteering. As I grow up I know that I
will not forget my experiences as a volunteer. Although it may not
have made long-term effects it for sure did help out people and made
an unforgettable image of me. And to me that’s more than enough to
ask for. To conclude, my volunteering experiences were overall
beneficial to me as a person as I helped myself build character and
I’m glad to have opened myself to new opportunities.

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