Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2018 – Volunteering for the Future

Name: Austin J. Baum
From: Phoenix, AZ
Grade: Junior
School: Mountain Pointe High School
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Volunteering for the Future

I am a child at heart and have always enjoyed working with little kids.
One of my favorite places to volunteer is for my church’s Sunday
School program. When Sunday school is in session, I volunteered every
week for teaching preschoolers and kindergarteners about God and how
He is incorporated into our everyday lives. As a volunteer, I had to
be prepared for class by preparing lessons as well as keeping the
children safe while in my care. I faced my biggest challenge when I
first started volunteering, my problem was remembering to read the
lesson plan before class started. I was just focused on having a good
time with the kids and making sure they enjoyed the Sunday School
experience.  However, as time went on, I was able to remember to
focus on the lesson plan and be completely prepared for the class as
a whole. Of the many, the most satisfying part of volunteering at
Sunday School for me was when the children would want to stay after
class was over. This reaffirmed that they enjoyed class and hopefully
learned a lesson or two from it. Volunteering for Sunday School
taught me the virtue of patience, something you must have when
dealing with children. I hope I taught these children as much as they
taught me.

Looking towards the future, I see myself coming back to my church and
teaching the children after I am done with my higher education. I see
this activity as “forward looking” because it will have a lasting
impact on the children I have dealt with.  Becoming involved in
the church at a young age makes an imprint on a child and is one that
will hopefully steer their lives in a positive direction. It is not
the present that I am looking to enjoy, but what these kids will grow
up to be in the future.  If I were to come back in ten years to
see what effect I had, I have high hopes my presence would have
helped children enjoy the idea of church.

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