Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2018 – Volunteering Is Inspiring

Name: Nillisa
From: Portage, Indiana
Grade: Senior
School: Portage High School
Votes: 0

I was a volunteer or natural helper at the Boys and Girls Club in
Portage, IN. I wanted to volunteer and help out because a lot of
children go there and staff come and go, while there’s not really
too much helping hands. I love watching kids, playing with them,
making sure they are okay, and that they have a good time. I use to
go there everyday, and from 2:40pm or 3pm to 5pm or 7pm during school
days. Summer days, I would stay from 11:30am opening to 5:30pm
closing everyday for 3 years until last year 2017 when my membership
expired. My responsibilities as a volunteer at the Boys and Girls
Club was really to help out the staff members with children, snacks,
or to clean up. I would make sure that the children were okay, help
pass out snacks to the children and make sure then do not be
obnoxious, and clean the cafeteria and tables when there is not a lot
of children present. My biggest challenge of being a volunteer was to
handle kids that was disobedient and very rude. I would get agitated
and distressed, but I would get the staff and let them handle it. The
most satisfaction I got was that, kids would come to me and say I’m
pretty, I’m a big sister, or mother to them. They would come to me if
they have a problem like being bullied or having trouble with
homework. Some kids would even follow me around, and be upset when I
leave or when I go to spend time with my peers. What I learned was,
every child has their own unique personality, and that children go
through a lot in this world either from their peers or from their
family. They deserve to be happy in this life, in this age and truly
understand themselves. It is such a blessing to have children around
because it can take one child to make your day fun and happy. I love
making children feel like they have someone to talk to or someone
shoulder. I see volunteering at Boys and Girls Club can be a side job
for if I babysit or helped kids on the side or make kids feel
welcomed wherever I work or where I live. Forward looking means to me
that I look forward to my future, my aspirations in my life that will
become better or be greater than before, and to see my life ahead of
me knowing there is going to be challenges, but I can overcome them.
I would like volunteer to help this world be a better place with less
crime and more harmony with each other, but even keep kids away from
the negativity and see the positives in this life. I know if I came
back years later, I would probably be remembered, but as long as
volunteer work is around, it would be a great honor that I have done
for my Community.

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