Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2018 – Volunteering: One Paw Print At A Time

Name: Olivia Pozsgay
From: Macomb, MI
Grade: 11th
School: Regina High School
Votes: 22

Olivia Pozsgay

Volunteering: One Paw Print At A Time

Mitch Albom once conveyed, “Devote yourself to your community around you
and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and
meaning”. I have been able to truly understand the importance of
this message through my volunteer work at the local animal adoption
center. I choose to volunteer at K9 Kindergarten because of my love
for animals and devotion to helping each and every one of them find a
safe and loving home. I began volunteering at the animal shelter in
April of 2017 where I volunteer once a week every Sunday. My
responsibilities include taking care of the cat cages by changing
their food and water, and changing their newspaper and litter.
Furthermore, I play with the cats and dogs in training, daycare, or
those waiting to be adopted, by taking them into a play room where
they can become acquainted with other animals and have freedom
outside of their cages. The biggest challenge I have had as a
volunteer is grasping the idea that I cannot save nor adopt every
animal who comes into the center, or everywhere in the world. Many
animals have come in with broken bones and diseases that require
immediate medical attention. It is heartbreaking to witness animals
who were treated poorly by previous owners or left to fend for
themselves. As a volunteer, I have gotten the most satisfaction by
helping those who cannot help themselves. Seeing an animal improve
greatly through love, patience, and commitment of a person is truly
inspiring. I have learned that even the smallest change can lead to a
resounding difference in your own life, and the lives of others.

Volunteering at K9 Kindergarten has helped me to find my true passion and career
plan, focusing on leadership through positively helping and impacting
the world around me. Having a focus on volunteering is extremely
important to me and I plan to continue being a volunteer for the rest
of my life. My activities are “forward looking” because they are
not only helping others right now, but they will continually help
others in the future. “Forward looking” is understanding that
every action, whether big or small, will alter your life and the way
you see the world and how others see you. “Forward looking” is
seeing the positive outcomes that arise from smart decision making,
passion, and the urgency to make a difference. I seek to foster a
change in my own community by sharing the significance of
volunteering. I am devoted to helping others to become more involved
in volunteer work through animal centers/shelters, soup kitchens,
orphanages, and more. If I were to come back and look at my volunteer
activities in the future, I think they would have “made a
difference” because they motivated others to join an important
cause. Volunteering isn’t designed to bring money or fame, it’s
present to bring joy and satisfaction to those who are making a
difference in the world.

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