Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – ABC Difference

Name: shailina Khoja
From: lilburn, GA
Grade: college
School: Gwinnett Technical College
Votes: 0

the past three years I have volunteered for an organization called
ECDC. This stands for Early Childhood Development Center. This center
has been created to provide children from birth to six years of age,
education for the future. The birth to three years of age group is
not only for the children but focuses on the parents. They go through
a curriculum that teaches the parents of the child how to raise and
educate their child as well as themselves. The three to six years old
program focuses on getting the child ready for school like a
Montessori. This is a non-profit organization created by the Aga Khan
Education Board as one if its institutions. Research has shown that a
child’s crucial brain development occurs between the ages of birth
to six years old. I chose this because it fascinates me that such
young children can grasp concepts and learn so quickly now than ever
before. I would like to help play a role in shaping a better future
for all the generations to come. My responsibilities started out by
being a simple teacher’s assistant in the class of 3-4 years old
children. Now I am in a management position as a resource coordinator
for all the materials required for teaching and for the kids to take
home and practice. My biggest challenge as a volunteer has been
taking on more and more responsibility as to manage the function of
the classes and events successfully. When I see these kids as they
grow up, the learn and have fun that is what gives me satisfaction.
When they point to me telling whoever they are with that this is my
teacher and I learned from her, I smile and that is what is
rewarding. I have learned that creating and managing an organization
takes teamwork, dedication, and time. When I was growing up I never
had the chance to participate in such a program. I am proud that such
an organization exists, and I am blessed to be a part of it. My
interests and career goals are to become a pediatrician. I love
children but, as a profession I do not want to teach them I enjoy
that as a hobby. Forward looking means that you must think about the
future. My activities for this organization are forward looking as it
may mean that the curriculum may advance, and the children learn more
and advance their education. Education is highly important in
today’s world and the future. You can do anything with a solid
education, anyone can take away everything from you except your
education. I seek to assist in increasing decreasing the uneducated
population numbers. Everyone has a right and should be given the
opportunity to be able to educate themselves as well as their
families no matter the age, race, color, background, or anything
else. I think the specific people I would have taught or interacted
with hopefully made a positive impact in their lives. In terms of
making a difference I would like to think that I have made a
difference in someone’s life by sharing my education with them for
the betterment of their lives.

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