Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Be the Change

Name: Kristin Riggs
From: Casa Grande, AZ
Grade: High School Senior
School: Casa Grande Union High School
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the change”

Kristin Riggs

church has always been extremely important to me and has shaped me
into who I am today. Almost daily I participate in extra classes,
activities, or volunteer projects that my church offers. For the past
two summers, I have volunteered as a counselor at a week-long church
camp for girls. As a counselor, we lead songs, run activities, share
spiritual messages, and grow closer to the girls we are assigned. A
few of the lessons included how to tie knots, how to start a fire,
and how to identify poisonous plants. I specifically taught about
things to do when you get lost, which I taught while we were on a
hike. This past summer I was assigned to a group of twenty-one girls
that were twelve-years-old. Each one of those girls now has a special
place in my heart as we became very close in the span of five days.
Since I am five years older, they asked me many questions and sought
advice. There is no better honor than being looked up to for your
example and perspective. After the camp, I was approached by several
parents of the girls thanking me for having such a positive impact on
their girls’ lives and being a good example. I know it is important
to make people feel that they are special. I feel incredibly blessed
to have had the opportunity to have a positive impact on these

have loved volunteering and helping others. My dream is to now
become a physical therapist. I want to expand my influence as I serve
those around me. I want to make a difference. Mahatma Gandhi said,
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I want to be that
change. I would like to focus on rural communities and those of
different cultures to show that everyone can expand their learning,
develop their talents, and identify their interests. I wish to
convince others that their aspirations are possible. I would love to
travel to other countries to teach them about nutrition, water
purification, and exercises that would increase movement. I want to
help others emotionally when they are going through a sports injury
and have a hard time doing the things that they enjoy most. I want
to let those I am helping know that they can get better and that they
will be able to complete everyday tasks again. Going into a
healthcare field, specifically in physical therapy, I feel like I can
make a difference as well as gain a greater appreciation for the

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