Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Changing the Lives for the People Everyday

Name: Marissa
From: Haysville, KS
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Marissa Freshour

Youth Forward

Youth Forward Scholarship

15 October 2018

Changing the Lives for the People Everyday

As a Senior in High School I made a vow to volunteer to as many places as I could. One of
the most memorable volunteer positions was when I volunteered at the
Night to Shine program. I volunteered for eight hours to be a buddy
for a mentally challenged person during their prom night. My
responsibilities were to watch over her and to make sure she didn’t
do the things her mother warned about. This position made me see the
inside view of mentally disabled people’s lives.

One of the biggest challenges during my volunteer position was making sure my buddy
didn’t continuously eat. Her mother told me she had a eating problem,
however, I never knew when to say stop because what if she really is
hungry? The most satisfaction of this volunteer opportunity was being
able to make my buddies night. I made her feel like the most
beautiful person in the world, and gave the whole night to her to
have fun. That is the only thing I wish for in life is to make other
people feel better about themselves, and make them happy.

I believe my forward look on my activities will increase tremendously. I believe that my
future career as a police officer will be a twenty four seven
volunteer opportunity to bring justice, and security in my community.
I believe forward looking means how do you see the activities in your
future turning out to be, whether it be continuous volunteering or
none at all. I want my volunteerism to change the lives for the
people in my community. I want to be able to change at least one
persons life in the volunteer work that I do because there is times
were people need a helping hand, and delivering that hand can make a
drastic change in a person’s forward looking. Just as me becoming a
police officer, I know that I’ll be able to help people everyday in
my job, and I’ll be able to make a difference in the people’s
lives in my community.

If I decided to look at all the volunteer work I did in ten years I believe it will help
me tremendously to become a better person. Not only did it make me a
better person, but it also changed the lives of the people that I
helped throughout my High School year. I believe that my buddy had an
amazing time, and I was able to contribute to that by also having the
night of my life as well. In all my years of going to dances in
school, that prom was my top favorite by far because I was able to
get to know someone who had the same interests as me, and who was
able to have a good time. My volunteerism is what made me the person
I am today.

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