Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Dedication is Destiny

Name: Serena Diaz
From: chicago, IL
Grade: 11th
School: Chicago Academy High School
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13, 2018

is Destiny

never really thought about volunteering because I was always busy
until I had developed different kinds of aspirations in life. I
learned to not be selfish but to be selfless. I believe helping
people is good and it makes you feel good. Volunteering makes me
happy and even sometimes cry (because I was happy). I’ve volunteered
for multiple things like homelessness, helping our elders, helping
children, and even cleaning the streets. I traveled to Costa Rica to
help with multiple volunteering projects. In Costa Rica, we cleaned
up the “Plastic” Beach and it’ called the plastic beach because
tons of the world’s pollution in the ocean goes to Costa Rica. It
took like one hour to get 6 bags of pollution. A project that breaks
my heart was going to an orphanage and seeing the kids there didn’t
have a family of their own. I wondered how lonely they felt and how
sad they were since they feel unwanted. I bought them stickers from
the U.S. and me and my group went and bought the food they needed.
Getting on the ride to leave the kids grabbed us and they were by the
gate and they had a look of devastation on their faces that left me
crying because I was happy to help them but I was hurt to leave them
because people are coming and going. In Chicago where I live, I
volunteer at my moms nursing home where she works. I love helping my
elders and to put a smile on their faces. I’m in a club at school
that offers community service and through this, I’m able to go
clean up around my school and to clean up parks. I’ve gone to a
place to help pack foods and give it to families in need of food. I
participate in donating food like can goods and donating all the
things I don’t need. Since I work, go to school, and play sports
it’s hard to volunteer like all the time I used too but when I have
time I will sign up for any volunteering work. As I volunteer it
helps others and it makes me feel good about myself knowing I can
help if needed. Volunteering to me means that you are no SELFISH and
that you care about others. I wish more people were like this were
they help others and help make a difference now and in the future. In
the future, I hope people see that the little work that volunteers
do, do matter. Families will see they were helped and feel happy,
maybe one-day people will end up swimming in the plastic beach and
maybe the kids that I left behind will be happy they had some comfort
even if it was temporary. I just want people to look back at things
I did and be happy that I helped because a smile from someone I
helped is so much worth more than getting a favor in return.

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