Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Essential Collaboration

Name: Christine M Dunker
From: Mackinaw, Illinois
Grade: Junior
School: Deer-Creek Mackinaw High School
Votes: 39

At Elevate Church, teams are essential. These various teams make Sunday
happen, creating an impactful and empowering experience for
church-goers. I never understood how much time, work, and
collaboration went into the weekly Sunday tradition of until I joined
the Elevate eKids worship team. 20 hours per month of my time goes
towards this team, but I thoroughly love every minute. On this
specific team, I serve as a worship leader and dancer, but I also
have a leadership role as worship coordinator, scheduling worship
leads and dancers for each weekend. Worship is a big part of the
kid’s service, but there are multiple other elements as well. There
are room leaders, directors, a speaker, etc. All of these roles come
together to give kids a captivating and safe learning environment.
Not only are there different roles serving within the children’s
service, but roles that create the entirety of a church Sunday. This
includes members of the band, greeters, security, and endless others.
To sum it all up, it is one big collaboration to produce one ultimate

As I have been a member and volunteer at Elevate Church, I have learned
that sometimes, ideas clash. Sometimes, you do not want to wake up
early to go serve. Sometimes, you do not feel like giving your best.
Sometimes, when you do give your best, it is not entirely
appreciated. And although I have learned those things, I have also
learned how to persevere and still give my all through the hard days.
Yes, not every individual day will my hard work pay off; but, if I
give my all to this church and purpose that I care about, I am
succeeding. I have gained patience and work ethic through my
experience serving at Elevate Church. Sometimes, it is hard to
collaborate. Always, though, it is important to try.

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