Going Beyond

Name: Maggie Winegar
From: Jefferson City, Missouri
Grade: 11
School: Helias Catholic High School
Votes: 0

year I was chosen as Helias Catholic Student Council Head of Service
Committee. My job is to organize and execute service projects for the
council and the student body to participate in. Each month my
committee and I dedicate our time to a different organization or
foundation. Most of our projects have been to help financially
provide for underprivileged children and families.

far this year, my committee and I have raised over $3,000 for
organizations such as the American Cancer Society and Mary’s Meals.
We have worked alongside our local American Legion and donated hosted
a competition trough the grade schools to collect thousands of pounds
of cans to donate to a local food shelter.

As the leader of a
committee my job is to be receptive and influenceable. It is
imperative that I communicate effectively with my advisors and
representatives. In order to be successful, I must show respect and
appreciation to both my peers and my supervisors. As a leader I am
constantly pushed to be better and become the best version of myself.
Last minute complications can cause confusion and often agitate
administrators expecting conditions to run smoothly. It is critical
that my partners and I remain calm and work to resolve the dispute

As I am sure others
can relate, high school has been a confusing time for me. I have
struggled with my own political opinions verse my parents and those
around me. I have attended Catholic school since Kindergarten and I
still struggle immensely in my religious life.

Volunteering is the
one thing that has kept me in touch my community. This year I have
thrown myself into my work as a volunteer, trying to hold on to my
lingering contentment. People in Jefferson City are incredibly
generous. Our service endeavors would not have been possible without
the friends and families of the Helias Catholic community.

dream job as of right now is to pursue a degree in architecture in
college before moving to a foreign country and working in a peace
corps type position or joining the national guard. I want to work in
international aid and destruction designing and constructing homes
and buildings. I intend to help people who have been stripped of
their belongings by natural disasters or build schools for kids in
countries where education may not be an opportunity.

Being rewarded this scholarship would allow me to “go beyond”
what anyone ever believed I could. It would allow me to “go beyond”
the United States and live with people who live completely different
lifestyles than I do. Working abroad in a service career would allow
me to travel abroad and observe cultural essences that I have never
been exposed to. It would allow me to extend my knowledge of the
world beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Maybe I will learn
to appreciate my community and family once again.