Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Homelessness

Name: Catherine Scott
From: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Grade: 11
School: Holloway High
Votes: 27


Homeless is not something people prepare for or anticipate joining. I honestly
did not see it coming. Being in school trying to keep my grades while
being homeless is harder than I excepted. I noticed after being in
that dark place for 3 months alone that there were other people at
school going through similar situations. I was homeless for about a
year and a half. And in that year and a half I discovered that so
many strangers helped us. Yes, strangers, people who did not even
know me or my family. It was not even inspiring until a few months
after we finally got a stable home. Volunteering didn’t across my
mind until a senior year of high school when I started learning about
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in Psychology. What the hierarchy
introduced to me was that basic humans that are not met could affect
literally your esteem, well-being, and thinking processes. Since I am
still a senior in high school, I have not had much time to volunteer,
but I try to get as much support from others to help me do so. My
biggest trigger is seeing kids my age must go through the mental and
emotional struggle of being homeless. That is like the biggest
challenge. Because some days I just do not want to even help because
it brings emotional baggage with it. At the end of the day, the love
and support from anyone while you’re homeless goes a long way. Most
of the time, the reflection of helping can be so impactful. Other
times, it is overlooked and does not get the recognition it needs.
Forward looking-aww-forward looking the meaning could be possibly
1000 things. But this means-to me of course- to look at the past and
see what you as an individual can do for the future regarding the
past. People do not want to repeat negative or damaging
reinforcements, so looking forward would basically taking memories
and seeing if you change how things are/were. A change, a difference,
or slight kindness can go a long way. 
Of course with
homelessness, you cannot really prevent it much unless it had to do
with denying one from a job or place to stay because of their
identity, yet we can still try to lessen the gruesomeness of it all.
Making change influence others to same.

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