Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Lifelong Memories

Name: Yesenia Estrada
From: Killeen, Texas
Grade: 11th
School: Early College High School
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Yesenia Estrada

Early College

Grade 12



experience with community service and volunteering has filled me with
great joy. To know that I am taking part in memories that will last a
lifetime is one of the best feelings in the world. I started serving
the community when I was in 8th grade. My father’s place of work
decided to host a teddy bear drive and donate the stuffed animals to
local hospitals. I, along with my brother, wanted to help our city,
so we began communicating with his elementary school to donate toys.
We then transferred the generous donations to Seton Hospital and
Mclane Children’s Hospital. The teddy bear drive became a success and
it came out on the local newspaper.

few months later, my family helped a university create Christmas
wreaths for all of the fallen soldiers at the Veterans Cemetery. We
must have made thousands of them because there were too many to
count. Each person grabbed a couple of wreaths to place on the graves
and gave thanks for serving our country and for sacrificing their
lives so that we may live another day. This day will always be in my
heart because it made me realize how lucky I am to still have my
father with me. I will forever be thankful for these men and women
who gave up everything for us.

Another place I really enjoyed
volunteering at was in a university. I assisted in the annual Warrior
Picnic setting up game booths and hosting a booth. It was a safe,
friendly and fun place for family and friends to gather to watch
movies and play games. I am extremely proud to know that my community
service has brightened children’s days, warmed the hearts of the
fallen, and created a night to remember.

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