Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Looking Into The Eyes of The Next Generation

Name: Brittany Murdock
From: Covington , Louisiana
Grade: 11th
School: Covington High School
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Into The Eyes of The Next Generation

up – eyes pointed to the platform – I made myself a promise eleven
years of age at the Louisiana District United Pentecostal Church
International Campgrounds. My promise to volunteer following in the
footsteps of the ones I look up to – the SALTies. SALT (Student
Action Leadership Team) requires the service of several teenagers
(sixteen and older) to lead in an endeavoring role to serve the
children of our state – of our community. Every year around the
first week of June, children all over Louisiana (some not even from
Louisiana) are dropped off and delivered into the hands of us SALTies
for one week. This one week we are to show the children how to be
leaders and how to grow in the will of God showing them not only the
love of God, but that they too can be loved by us. We perform skits,
silly songs, entertainment, and at the end of the day we introduce
them to the altar. This volunteer work may seem awfully fun and do
not get me wrong – it is – however, it is also very tiring by the
time we get home due to all the preparation and excitement. However,
what makes it all worth it is that Friday just before the kids go
home; they say goodbye elated but also sadden that it is all over,
yet I know they will always remember the smiling and energetic
SALTies just like I did at only eleven years old. It’s exhilarating
that they too will make the decision like me knowing they will make a
difference in someone else’s life who then makes a difference in
the next and so forth. I then go to my hometown and allow myself the
opportunity to again volunteer in my church sharing the same love I
shared with the children at the campgrounds at Vacation Bible School.
I do this the whole month of June nonstop consistently wanting to
make a difference in the world – one child at a time. The children
I volunteer for are the next generation and looking forward with
myself being old and grey I want to think I’m going to smile down
at them knowing I made a difference – I led them to lead the next
generation with the blessed hand of God. Likewise, knowing that I
made a difference all this energy put into volunteering is worth it
because I am “forward looking” into the next generation – I am
giving a chance for the next generation praying that they will be
better than us SALTies ever could be. Volunteering makes all the
difference in the world as long as the volunteer incorporates why
he/she is really volunteering not just because of the need of
profound words on a resume.

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