Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – MVP

Name: Cesar Rey
From: Sanford, FL
Grade: 11th
School: Crooms Academy of Information Technology
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is said that the most incredible years of our lives are
experienced in high school. This transition from childhood to
adulthood is a right of passage, however, certain circumstances can
steer us down an unexpected path. Abrupt changes challenge us to
overcome and conquer our obstacles while developing our true

     Not everyone
is financially fortunate. Growing up in a single family home has
caused me to not only take part as an adult, but also allow me to
realize how important it is to work hard for yourself and be able to
provide for others. My mother worked has always worked extremely hard
in order to make sure that I am supplied with all of my necessities.
This created a lack of an adult figure in our household. I then had
to step up and, in many ways, become the man of the house. Juggling
my schoolwork and household tasks was very difficult especially since
I commenced at such a young age.

     During my
years in High school, I unfortunately was faced with the death of
loved ones. it started with my pet dog Marlin. The death of my dog
impacted me negatively because my mom was and still is not able to
have any children so Marlin was more of a brother to me. After the
death of my dog came the death of my grandmother. I was very close to
my grandmother and when I was notified of the horrific news I
spiraled into a puddle of sadness.

   However, the
worst one had to be the loss of my father. I never really had a
father figure in my life until my mother met Derick Davis. Now Derick
was not my biological father but in my heart he will always be that
and more. My father passed away due to cancer. The journey was
extremely painful for everyone. He was everything to me, one time I
couldn’t take it anymore and I began to breakdown. My father and I
had a relationship like no other. I wanted to give up, I felt so
alone and no one was able to help me. I didn’t know who to reach
out to. Countless days of sorrow and remorse made it extremely
difficult to face reality. I felt like I not only lost significant
loved ones , but also a piece of myself- which caused me to lose my


but surely I have gradually been recovering from my many obstacles
that I have been given. My relationship with my mother has gotten
stronger due to communicating more. I have put my focus and dictation
in sports and in school. Although I may never be whole again I know
for sure that I now have the ability to face an overcome anything
that comes my way.  

back, I often wonder, “what if?” The obstacles I faced
growing up have really molded me into the person that I always
intended to be. I have grown so grateful for the life I have been
given, even if it meant that I had to work a little harder than my

any form of scholarship would mean so much to me. It would show that
there are real people out there who believe in me, which will
motivate me to be the best that I can be.

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