Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – One school at a time

Name: Rajveer Korpe
From: Jenks, Oklahoma
Grade: 12th
School: Jenks HighSchool
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I am firm believer
of leadership through service and have seen my self evolve since
2015. I have rich passion for sustainable development and reading
empowerment and feel fortunate to be part of CRC team.During summer,
as a part of the project, I planned one-on-one session with teachers,
administrators and parents. And then we discussed it with about 700

CRC recycling
campaign is a project dedicated to raise environmental awareness in
the communities. As a Ambassador at CRC since 2015, I have pledged to
adopt Adarsha MahaVidyalaya Akola to improve their quality of life
with focus on basic needs and influencing them with a power of
reading and Empowering teachers and parents for sustainable

Adopt a school
project was planned to raise funds and disbursed those funds
according to immediate needs. Right now I am focusing on how to get
grants from government and local donors and businesses to have an
advanced digital library and water filter system .This project has a
special place in my heart, since there are more schools out there and
are in desperate need.

I am currently
researching a case study into Akola, Maharashtra in special regard to
sustainable agriculture and its ecological/economic effects for my
current capstone. I seek to produce both mental and quantifiable
gains out of this project, as I am primarily geared towards the
concepts of sustainable management of resources along with ecological
restoration in my potential undergraduate options

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