Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Served Through Service

Name: Erin Knight
From: New Berlin, Wisconsin
Grade: 12
School: Milwaukee Lutheran High School
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Through Service

time spent volunteering has developed values of service and
generosity which I plan to utilize not only during my time in
college, but also following graduation. Various programs during high
school have provided opportunities to support and serve my
surrounding community. As my school is centrally located within
Milwaukee, I have had the privilege to take part in numerous service
projects specifically for the benefit of this area; these entailed
spending five hours each week for about 9 months over three years.
This included taking on leadership roles in organizing a variety of
events and spending direct time with neighbors in need of aid. Having
the ability to fill this need is an aspect of volunteerism I continue
to strive to uphold and grow. Thus, I have numerous aspirations of
serving communities both locally and globally.

will forever cherish the opportunities I have been granted to share
my own blessings with my Milwaukee community through volunteering.
During my junior year, I was elected as head of the community service
committee apart of student council, organizing and overseeing service
events throughout the year. As this was a new committee, I took
initiative in creating and establishing beneficial projects such as
food and clothes drives. Following the collection of these items, I
was blessed with the chance to meet some of the recipients while
delivering them. I also volunteered to help prepare and serve dinner
at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, making personal connections with
many in attendance. These direct relationships with others allowed me
to experience the beneficial impact of volunteer work, fueling my
passion to serve.

and beyond college, I desire to continue not only supporting, but
also partaking in service projects in an effort to restore social
justice around the world. Integrating volunteerism, I endeavor to
commit substantial time and effort to further serve my Milwaukee
community. In addition, I hope to establish a fundraising event
during my time in college which will continue annually beyond my
graduation. However, not only on a local level, but also a global
one, I aspire to impact communities around the world by providing
resources and various forms of aid. Accomplishing this may include
travelling for mission trips to financially unstable areas, bringing
donations and encouragement. Hopefully, a greater outreach will be
created to care for others in need of additional aid.

hours I have already dedicated to volunteering in my local community
have established the desire to grow an outreach of service. In
developing relationships with those in need, I have been motivated to
remain apart of service programs as well as manage some. These
service projects have taught me numerous lessons in humility and
empathy in realizing my fortunate lifestyle. In an effort to spread
blessings on a greater level, I aspire to collaborate and inspire
many others to also partake in similar movements. I hope to embody
virtues of service and generosity through volunteering during and
past college, spreading positive change to various communities.

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