Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – The Importance of Education

Name: Diana R Nelson
From: Campbell, NY
Grade: High School Senior
School: Campbell-Savona Jr./Sr. High School
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The Importance of Education

Growing up in the United States, I have always had easy access to a great
education. I have always gone to decent public schools with
exceptional faculty and been blessed with the best education I could
ask for–an education that includes laptop carts, iPad carts, Mac
Labs, computer rooms, and Chromebooks available for check-out at the
library. Not only has my education been amazing, but having this
free, quality education provided for me is the law. However, this is
not the case across the world.

I went to the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar in 2017 as an ambassador and got
to hear a lecture from Sebastian Maroundit, a Lost Boy of Sudan who
fled the country due to the Sudanese War. From there, he came to the
United States in search of safety and found education in its best
form. He was shocked at the impressive education system here. Where
he is from, education is a luxury few can afford as young boys have
to maintain their families and
young girls are expected to do many things, none of which
include get an education. For the few children who do get an
education, it is most commonly only up to an elementary level with
little to no classrooms commonly using sticks and dirt to write the
little as they are taught. Hearing
Sebastian’s story gave me a drive, a cause that I want to fight

I have taken my education for granted every day for as long as I can remember.
However, my goal and purpose is to one day help raise the 2,000
dollars it would take to add onto the schools that Sebastian is
building in South Sudan, and one day, build even more. I have started
fundraising for this goal, and I am slowly progressing towards it. I
have been fundraising with bake sales and promotions such as fliers
towards my fundraiser. When I reach this goal, I will donate all of
the money to Sebastian and his efforts in South Sudan. Education is a
major issue around the world, not just in Sudan. Many third-world
countries have educational issues that need to be solved. In Saudi
Arabia and many other Middle Eastern countries, it is illegal for
females to get an education. In many South American countries, most
people get only seven to nine years of education. In any country that
is not first-world, on average, people will get less than 12 years of
education, and the rate is even lower for specifically females.
Globally, over 65 million females are denied access to an education.
Education should not only be mandatory in the United States, but the
world, because the world can only improve from more people having
access to good education. In a world
constantly surrounded by conflict and chaos, we need more brilliant
minds as time progresses to help the world cope. Education is a
necessity to our society, as society grows, we must have minds
growing too.

I believe everyone deserves an education. I believe knowledge is power,
and it is the key to an understanding, compassionate, progressive
world. I am of the opinion that a right to education is a natural
born right as inherent as the right to think and feel a certain
belief or ideal. I truly believe that a lack of education creates a
world deprived of what could be incredible minds with paths towards
medical epiphanies, brilliant pieces of literature, mathematical
breakthroughs, and so much more. The potential that come with more
minds simply contributing to society through knowledge is infinite.
As our society denies millions of people an education, we too deny a
world of possibilities and futures. With
better minds comes a better world, and the only way to achieve that
is to give all people a worthy education through fundraising and
awareness being spread to the countries that need it most.

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