Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Triumph Over Tribulation

Name: Macy Belton
From: Lewisville, Texas
Grade: 10th
School: Ischool High Entrepreneurial Academy of Lewisville
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Over Tribulation

back to those in need has always been a top priority for myself. Many
of those in my immediate family suffer from major life-threatening
illnesses without the proper treatment that they need. My grandfather
passed away five years ago from a cancer that no doctor could
identify. No amount of money or quick research could be done to save
my grandfather’s life, and it still holds a heavy place in my heart
to this day. He was one of the most influential people of my
childhood and seeing that there was nothing to help was devastating.
Because I had lost someone so close due to illness, I decided that it
was my duty to help those who might have a similar fate. Thus, I
began helping out for charity runs in support of donations for
research on a variety of disease and illnesses, as well participated
in runs myself

in a year I will spend 40+ hours volunteering just at water tables
for runs – I also do some work for food drives and have plans on
leading a blood drive for my school in the passing two semesters. In
doing so, our sponsors gets a donation based off how many people
volunteered and how much time was spent helping. As a volunteer, I am
responsible for setting up our stand, handing out water and small
snacks, as well as cheering on those participating in the run. Our
team has run into a few tough patches when it comes to recruiting
people who will show up for the run and thus our sponsor may not even
receive a donation to their cause just based on attendance. Many
times I’ve combatted the situation by gathering volunteers at my
school to attend, but people still don’t have the determination or
drive to show up in some cases. What gives me satisfaction as a
volunteer is being able to support and help people triumph over
illnesses through the support of research and medicinal development.
It brings me insurmountable joy in being able to help prevent the
loss of loved ones, as it had happened to my grandfather who had a
hand in raising me to be the individual I am today. “A little bit
of help goes a long distance” has been a great lesson learned from
my experiences out working the tables and cheering folks on, because
at the end of the day my hours spent helping bring about much more
help than I could even fathom. A few hours could be a change in a
whole generation’s lifetime, where people in the future have
nothing to fear in terms of sickness and disease, which I do believe
is possible through my volunteer work. I hope what I do inspires
people to join the same cause moving-forward by looking towards a
bright future. To close, I wish to bring people closer to their loved
ones and cherish the time they have together, while lengthening the
time left.

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