Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Volunteer for the Elders

Name: Christian A Coronel
From: Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania
Grade: 12th
School: Abington Heights High School
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for the Elders

chose to volunteer in the area of caring for seniors. I volunteered
at my local senior center because I enjoy helping others, especially
the elderly, and it gave me a great opportunity to do so. I
volunteered for the summer of 2017, every Wednesday for 2 hours a
day, which equates to 20 hours for the whole summer. My
responsibilities at the center were helping any members who needed
it, administrative work in the main office or tech support, set up
and take down of dining area, and service of meals during lunch time.
There were no real challenges with being a volunteer other than the
kitchen environment and keeping up with the quick pace, generally
helping people isn’t a challenging task to complete so for the rest
of my duties it went fairly easy. I have gotten a lot of
satisfaction from volunteering at the senior center which made the
experience very rewarding. Seeing the elderly members enjoying
themselves and having a good time due to what myself and the other
staff were doing really made me happy. Hearing them say “thank you
so much for being here to help” as well as the members looking
forward to you arriving to volunteer gave me a warm feeling that’s
hard to explain with words. By taking this position as a volunteer
at the senior center it has taught me that any amount of help can
have a huge affect on an organization and can honestly change lives.

me, looking forward means creating something in the present while
keeping in mind the impact that it will have on the future to ensure
that the effects will always be positive. Because of the senior
center, as the members get older they will continue to have a place
to go and get out of their house despite possibly having different
daily struggles. The senior center is made extremely accessible no
matter what. This will hopefully change the way that the elderly
operate on a daily basis and allow them to continue to find fun and
enjoy life despite their aging. The impact of my volunteer work was
more felt on a daily basis rather than long term, therefore, in ten
years the work I did now would not be still affecting the center but
the work I could give again would help just as much if not more.

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