Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Volunteering for the Better

Name: Ashlynn Meadows
From: Carmel, IN
Grade: Senior
School: Carmel High School
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for the Better

others is what makes the world a better place and you can rest
knowing that even if you are not changing the world, you are changing
the world of that person/being that you lended a helping hand to.
That is why I have volunteered at the Hamilton Humane Society
shelter. At minimum I spend about two and a half hours there per
month. I usually help out with the general work like laundry,
stocking cat litter containers, sweeping the floors, cleaning the
windows, doors, etc. I love helping the staff and animals out anyway
I can, but seeing the cats and dogs in cages really tugs at my heart
strings and I can barely keep myself from just taking them all home.
It really makes me sad, but I know that I am helping them in the long
run by volunteering my time at the no-kill shelter.

the cats or dogs are ill-behaved and can scratch or bite at the
person handling them or just lash out at a bystander. Though we are
trying to help the animals, they do not always see it that way. But
it is not because they are malicious or intend to cause harm, no,
they are scared, tired, and hungry. That does not mean that they do
not deserve help or kindness, it is exactly what they need! Even if
it is hard to help them and they claw, screech, and growl, I know
that, despite everything, I have helped them. For them, I have
changed their world, and that makes all the difference to me.

intend to keep volunteering my time at the Humane Society shelter,
even though it does not directly help me in my profession of a
Genetics Counselor. The compassion that I have developed while
volunteering and the life lessons that I have experienced there I can
use in my career, helping to make me into a better person and a
better worker in my chosen field of study.

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