Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Volunteering with Vacation Bible School

Name: Taylor Korte
From: Seneca, Kansas
Grade: 11
School: Nemaha Central High School
Votes: 0

area I have chosen to volunteer in is working with children at my
community church Vacation Bible School. I also do other volunteer
activities but this one is my favorite. I chose to volunteer with
this activity because I enjoy being around children and I enjoyed
going to bible school as a child. Vacation Bible School is one week
during the summer for three hours a day five days a week. I
volunteered for this activity for that amount of time for the past
five years. My responsibilities included taking the children to their
centers, controlling behavior, and helping them stay involved with
activities. My biggest challenge as a volunteer was discipling the
students. It was hard for me to correct them because I was afraid
they would be upset with me. From this activity, I learned that it
may be hard to discipline students but it has to be done so they know
right from wrong. The thing that has given me the most satisfaction
as a volunteer is seeing the children’s love for God through music,
games, and crafts. My interests and career goals are in alignment
with this because I want to become an elementary teacher and through
this activity I gain more experience with children. “Forward
looking” to me means doing something that will help you in the
future.I see this activity as “forward looking” because I plan to
continue to come back home during the summers in college to help
volunteer with this activity and I want to become an elementary
teacher. The change I seek to foster in the world via my volunteer
activities is showing that there is good in this world through God
and helping children learn about God. If I were to come back in ten,
twenty, or even thirty years, I think my volunteer activities would
still be there but there might be more digital devices with the
program. I might also know the children’s parents or I may be a
parent of one of the children.

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