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Teenage drivers who wish to get their Class D license at age 16 are now required to meet certain conditions set out in Senate Bill 226 which was passed during the 2005 General Assembly. From January 1st 2007, all 16 year olds in the State of Georgia applying for a Class D driver’s license must have completed 30 hours of an approved drivers education course, and must have completed 40 hours of supervise driving, six of which must be at night. They need a parent or guardian’s sworn verification that the 40 hours requirement has been completed.

Joshua’s Law is named for teen Joshua Brown, who lost his life in an automobile accident in 2005. His parents petitioned legislators for a law to ensure that teen drivers have more driver training before being able to gain a license, and Joshua’s Law was the result.

A Joshua Law Compliant Drivers Education Course

The licensing procedure in Georgia is very detailed. A minor aged 15 may drive without a learner’s permit between the hours of 4.00 pm and 11.00pm so long as there is an adult licensed driver over the age of 30 in the vehicle.

A teen of 17 with a learner’s permit may drive without adult supervision for the last two months of the permit, and may drive between the hours of 6.00 am and 11.00 pm.

Drivers age 16 who have held an Instructional Permit for 12 months and one day now also have to comply with Joshua’s Law before being granted a Class D license. Even when a Class D license is obtained, there are certain restrictions, mainly relating to passengers in the vehicle, which apply.

Joshua’s Law requires that a teen aged 16 take an approved classroom driver’s education course of 30 hours. This course can be in a physical classroom, or can be online, provided it is a DDS approved course.

The driver’s education course provided by GA Driver Safety.Org is fully compliant with Joshua’s Law, and is approved by the DDS.

The problem that many teens have with taking the full 30 hour course is that with school work, homework, out of school activities, work constraints of parents, and so on, it can be very difficult to fit in an extra 30 hours of study.

Online but Joshua Law Compliant Training for Teen Drivers

Our online course solves this problem instantly. You can take the course at times when it suits you, so you could do an hour here, half an hour there, or a couple of hours at another time. There is a timer built in, so that you will know how many hours you have completed. You can take the course from your laptop, or from anywhere where you have an internet connection.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, you will be emailed a copy of your Certificate of Completion issued by the DDS.

GA Driver Safety.Org makes taking your 30 hour driver education course a breeze.