We are firmly committed to the Internet, as one of the best online courses in driver’s education in California. Funny thing, however, we get a lot of bizarre questions. Young people today want to do everything on the Internet, and or on their mobile phones. But some things, cannot be done online. Use your imagination!

Can You Take Drivers Ed Online in California?

This brings us to one of the more popular questions : “Can you take Drivers Ed online?” Well, of course you can. The Department of Motor Vehicles has certified courses such as our own as preparation for the written portions of the test. In order to get a license to drive a vehicle in California, one needs to pass both a written and a behind the wheel test.

Drivers Ed Online

Photo credit: Marcie Casas via Foter.com / CC BY

So, if the question is as simple as is their online drivers Ed that will help you pass the written test, the answer is yes. The Department of Motor Vehicles recognizes that technology has evolved, and it allows you to take a preparatory course, such as our own, in how to drive, and that course can be completed online.

Behind the Wheel is, Behind the Wheel

However, the behind the wheel portion, of course, must be taken behind the wheel. So far, the Department of Motor Vehicles is not allowing people to simulate this portion of the test simply online. Perhaps, someday, virtual reality will evolve to that point, and we can certainly see the use of simulators as helpful in teaching people how to drive. Indeed, the use of simulators has a long history in the education of drivers in many states.

However, despite the addiction of many teams to the Internet and their phones, you cannot complete the entire process online. You can however, take and prepare for the written test using an online system. Good luck!

Photo credit: Marcie Casas via Foter.com / CC BY