Choosing a drivers ed online course over the traditional (in-classroom) type is a smart decision. Let’s admit it, teens these days are pretty much glued to their devices. Chances are higher that your child is going to be more receptive using this method.

Let us also not forget the fact that students are already too busy with schoolwork. Adding another class (after their school hours) that lasts for an hour or two into their schedule can leave them even more stressed out.

Without a doubt, for this tech-savvy generation, the online program is the best choice. However, some parents are still not warm to this idea because they do not know how students learn in this method. If you have the same worry, read on to learn more about how drivers ed online courses work.

Online Drivers Ed – First Things First

The initial step is to enroll in a good drivers education course. The process is straightforward, starting with an online registration. This is the part where you setup an account – give your name and email as well as create a password.

Next, you need to settle the fees. Most providers only accept credit card payments. Just a reminder, before you key in your information, make sure that the site is secure. Check if there is a trust badge displayed on the page. The seal serves as your guarantee that the site is equipped with technology to ensure the security of the payment process.

How Is Online Drivers Ed Done?

After making the payment, you can now access the provider’s modules. An accredited online course may have 11 to 14 units tackling a host of topics. Some of the lessons are vehicle components and systems, road signs and markings, accidents – effects and how to prevent them and sharing the road, among others.

Basically, the course content of an accredited program adheres to the standards set by the DMV and/or the state. Hence, you can be certain that your child is going to learn everything he needs for him to pass his written test.

There are quizzes at the end of each unit. Some providers require students to meet a certain score for them to move to the next topic. For example, DMVEdu students should answer at least 80% of the questions correctly for them to move on to the next topic.

Aside from the quizzes, there is also a final exam after completing all the sections. Just like the quizzes, the students need to score 80% to pass this test and get a certificate of completion.

The certification serves as proof that your child completed the drivers education course. It is one of the requirements he needs to submit to the DMV.

Keep in mind, this method of delivery is all about self-directed learning. So, your child determines when he is going to study.

The course is accessible 24/7 which means your child can study when he can or when he wants to. Furthermore, the schedule doesn’t have to be a regular one. He can study for 30 minutes in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. He can read the modules over the weekend or on weekdays after class.

There are no time limits to finish the course. As such, your child can study at his own pace. He can spend more time on more difficult units or retake quizzes if he wants to.

How are the lessons delivered? It is a combination of different media – texts, interactive videos and even games.

When your child completes the required hours (30 for most states) and passes the final test, the Certificate of Completion is going to be mailed to the address you’ve provided.

In summary, an online drivers ed course makes learning easy, simple and convenient. It is a method that suits the busy schedule of teens these days.

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