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Arizona traffic school is a great way to keep your driving record clean, or at least clean enough so your license isn’t suspended. That is correct, if you receive more than eight points in one year, you could get your license suspended.

Finding the right Arizona traffic school course after a violation or an accident is crucial to keep your record clean and your insurance rates low. But how often can you attend Arizona traffic school? And what about other requirements? Also, what is the best way to go through the course? Let’s answer these questions one by one.

All About Attending Arizona Traffic School

Let’s first answer the question that brought you here. Supposing that you meet all the other requirements, you can take Arizona traffic school once in 12 months. That isn’t too often, but often enough for safe drivers who made a little mistake. So, what about other requirements?

People generally attend traffic schools to divert a driving offense. Which means they were cited with an offense eligible for diversion. Even though that is the most important requirement, it isn’t the only one.

Furthermore, if the accidents for which you want to attend traffic school resulted in a fatal accident or a serious injury, you are not eligible for Arizona traffic school.

Finally, there is a requirement concerning commercial drivers. You cannot hold a commercial driving license, and attend traffic school. You are also not eligible if you were driving a commercial vehicle requiring your commercial driving license.


Arizona Traffic School Benefits 

The most important benefit of attending Arizona traffic school is that you will become a better and safer driver. It is often misunderstood that traffic school is a punishment for making a mistake.

While that is true, you can also look at a traffic school course differently. Anyone can make a mistake and as the years are going by it becomes more likely you will forget some of the little details that make you a safe driver.

Hence, the traffic school can help. It can remind you of safe driving techniques and road regulations.


At the same time, Arizona traffic school can help you lower your auto insurance premium. But keep in mind that an insurance company might lower your premium because you become a safer driver, not because of traffic school as such. 

With that in mind, you could also try and get a lower insurance premium without traffic school, by simply driving safely and following regulations.

The final benefit of Arizona traffic school is that it will dismiss your ticket. In Arizona, you could lose your driving privileges if you get more than eight points on your driving record in 12 months.

Think of traffic school as a way to avoid that and avoid having a driving violation turn up when a potential employer does a background check on you. 


Where to Find Arizona Traffic School

An online Arizona traffic school course is the easiest and fastest way to attend and finish traffic school. You can go through all the lessons from the comfort of your couch and as a bonus, you can practice the final exam as much as you want.

With an online course, you don’t have to worry about a stuffed classroom after a hard day’s work. Simply relax and finish the course at your own pace. Now, the great thing about this specific course is that it is ADOT certified and the school will notify both the State Court and Arizona DOT of your course completion. 

There is only one important fact you need to keep in mind. You need to finish the course seven days before your court date. You can check your citation to see the exact date, and in case it has already passed, contact the court about continuance. And do so before enrolling in any traffic school!


A Few Final Notes

Attending a traffic school course is one of three options following a traffic ticket. And it is also the easiest and cheapest, not to say the most beneficial option. You will become a better driver, keep your driving record clean, and lower your car insurance premium.

Passing traffic school doesn’t have to be a chore. You can choose the online course, go through it at your own pace, finish in time, and reap all the benefits.