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If you run a red light or a stop sign in Arizona, you can expect a fine and some points on your driving record. There are a few ways you can go after you receive your ticket. Plead guilty and pay the fine, fight the ticket, or go through traffic school.


In this blog post, you will learn about the red light ticket in Arizona, a few helpful traffic laws,  and how the traffic school is the least expensive and most beneficial solution to a red light ticket.


Red Light Ticket in Arizona

You can differentiate two types of red light tickets. 

The first is the ticket you receive directly from a police officer, usually right after you committed the violation. These tickets will cost you around 250$.


The second ticket, you will normally receive by mail, and it is the result of a photo taken by a traffic camera. A photo radar citation is just as legitimate as the one cited by the police officer but it can be a little cheaper – around 160$. 


Also, both tickets will add two points to your driving record.


The only real difference is that a camera cannot consider the circumstances. In some situations, you have to run the red light, sometimes you are forced to. This can happen as a part of a larger accident or you trying to avoid a collision. If something similar happened, and you received the ticket anyway, you could consider fighting it.


What Is Arizona Traffic School

Arizona traffic school is a defensive driving course aimed at teaching you everything you need to know about safe driving techniques. Through the course, you will relearn the Arizona traffic laws, the importance of reducing distractions, and how to react and avoid a collision.


The last point is the most important. Most road collisions are preventable if all motorists are focused, their attention isn’t swayed by phones or passengers, and they are not under the influence. The course is here to teach you these techniques and also to reduce your insurance premium and the points on your driving record.

Where to Find Arizona Traffic School

There are many options available in Arizona, but regardless of your County, if you have internet access, your easiest option is an online Arizona traffic school. Online means you can access it from anywhere, even from your phone while sitting on your couch. Plus, you can go at your own pace.


It definitely beats sitting in a boring classroom, and you can retake the quizzes after each module, as well as the final exam until you finally pass the course. Your only concern is to finish the course seven days before your court date. In the case you don’t manage that, you can contact your court about continuance, but do that before enrolling!

The Benefits of Arizona Traffic School

The first benefit is that you will become a better and safer driver. Driving is a privilege and it comes with many responsibilities. If all of us were to drive safely and attentively, the percentage of road accidents would fall dramatically.


But there is more than that. If you attend Arizona traffic schools then you will not receive the points for the current violation, note that you cannot reduce the points you already have. Also, when you add all the fees, traffic school can cost you between 150$ and 200$, which is usually less than the ticket. The price varies with the county and the court, but you can calculate it here.


The last benefit is a reduced auto insurance premium. When you commit a traffic violation, your insurance premium usually increases. However, you can stop that by completing a defensive driving course.


Situations Where Driving Through a Red Light is Allowed


First of all, you always have to stop if there is a red light or a stop sign in front of you. There is a difference between running a red light and stopping and following the law. After you have stopped and assessed that it is safe to move, there are a few situations that allow moving under a red light.


  • Right On Red Rule

You are allowed to make a right turn if the red light is on, but you have to use caution and follow the right-of-way rule. Also, you have to make sure there isn’t a sign prohibiting a right turn.


  • Left On Red Rule

Turning left under a red light in Arizona is a bit different. After stopping, you can only turn left into a one-way street from a one-way street. Again, you have to proceed with caution and apply right-of-way rules.


Generally, it is a lot safer to plan your journey in a way that there is time for all the red light stops you have to make. When you see a red light, stop, wait, and move when it turns green. Anything else means you are rushing, which usually means you are already distracted or nervous and that alone can cause an accident.


Driving is a beautiful and helpful skill that allows you to keep up with the modern schedule. But you have to be responsible and drive in a manner that takes care of you and everyone else on the road.