We here at DmvEdu.org are all about driving well. Of course, we are the leaders when it comes to online drivers education in the state of California. We make it easy for you to learn online the requirements and rules of the road. Today’s young people, of course, go first to their phones and the Internet when looking for information. In sum, we have “checked the box” when it comes to being technologically savvy and the leading website in California for online drivers education that is approved by the California DMV.

So, if you want to learn to drive well, we are the place to do it. There’s another common place when it comes to driving, the phrase “going the extra mile.” What does it mean to go the extra mile? Well, it means to do something extra, and has a meaning of doing something philanthropic. For example, if someone in your community needs help because they are handicapped or elderly, going the extra mile would mean visiting them, perhaps bringing them food, or assisting them in some extra way.

Helping Deserving Non-Profits by Signing Up to Learn How to Drive

One of the more exciting ways that we decided to go the extra mile is to help nonprofits who help other people in their communities. It’s one of those wonderful win-win situations, in which you as a participant in our quality online drivers education programs get that ease-of-use and learning that comes from a top-notch website. And, you can also help a nonprofit or charity of your choice, because when you sign up at DmvEdu.org, 10% of your purchase can be designated for a charity.Feeding America - Online Drivers Ed Sponsorship

We know, for example, from recent developments, that today’s young people have a strong social conscience. They are more socially conscious than perhaps the generations before them, harkening back to that generation of the 1960s which was so committed to social change and justice. In that spirit, therefore, we allow you to support charities is diverse as Glide, which is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that helps were, and Feeding America, which is yet another nonprofit promoting increasing awareness about hunger in the United States, and helping people who are hungry establish self-sufficiency and good nutrition.

Win-Win: You Sign Up to Learn to Drive and They Receive a Small Donation

In sum, as you begin your journey to be the next generation of drivers on the highways and byways of California, from Eureka in the North to San Diego in the South, we invite you to join us on the journey of assisting worthy nonprofits and charities as you sign up for industry-leading education online as a potential driver. Just like “going the extra mile” is “win-win,” because both you and the person you help get something out of it, this is win-win as well: you get online drivers education and the charity you select gets a small donation. We also invite you to reach out to these charities as a volunteer, because nothing supports a nonprofit like the sweat equity of a participatory volunteer!