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Are you a teen going through California driver’s education? When do you know you are prepared for your permit test? Taking driver’s ed and passing your permit test are the first steps to your provisional driving license. So, how do you make sure you get it right? Read on if you want to know a few tips and tricks.


What is California Driver’s Education? 

California Driver’s Education is a mandatory course for all teens under 18 looking to acquire a driving license in California. The course lasts for the mandatory 30 hours and it was usually organized in after-school hours. This meant students had to go to yet another class after their regular responsibilities.

Luckily, the driver’s education system quickly adopted the new technologies and as soon as it was possible, an online California driver’s education course was created. The course allows you to take the classes at home, in your own time, and earn the same certificate as you would with on-site classes.


What’s more, online courses are carefully structured so you can learn all the important traffic rules, safe driving techniques, and important facts that can change the way you view driving.

This specific course is divided into 11 units with a quiz at the end of each unit. You can repeat the lessons as many times as you want but you have to get at least 70% of the questions right on the quiz. This will allow you to move to the next unit until you reach the final exam which also requires a 70% mark.


Probably the greatest benefit of an online driver’s ed is the fact that you can watch and rewatch all the lessons and learn at your own pace. When you are a part of the larger classroom, you have to take notes which can be a little difficult if the lecturer is not so clear. And if you are unable to attend a few lectures, you have to ask your colleagues for their notes. And who knows how much they paid attention.

With an online course, all the lectures are easily accessible so you can prepare for the permit exam much more easily. Finally, we reached the permit exam, you might wonder, how do you effectively prepare for it?


How to Prepare for the California Driver’s Education Permit Test

The first obvious way to prepare for the permit test is to study. Pay attention and take notes of the most important points from your driver’s ed course and the  Ca DMV handbook.

However, even referring to the course notes and DMV handbook, most students still find it hard to pass their permit test. In fact, around 70% of students fail the permit test on their first try. Most of the time this is because they underestimate the complexity and the pressure of the test.


Luckily, there is a hack. You can practice online permit tests and you will get a very good idea of how the real thing looks. Passing the test will be a lot easier if you are prepared and you know what to expect.

The reason practice exams are so effective is that you get a good reality check on how much you really understand traffic laws. And if you fail, you can go back to the section where you are lacking knowledge, review the lectures, and try the practice test again.


If you can pass a few tests without a problem and you feel good about how much you learned, you are ready for the permit test. Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep and try to reduce the amount of stress on exam day. That way you will feel relaxed and refreshed to tackle the first step towards your driving license.

Which DMV Practice Tests Are the Best in California

Most DMV practice tests are straightforward and focus on the same thing, which is imitating the real exam as closely as possible without giving you the real questions. However, there are tests created by driving professionals with a large pool of questions, unlimited retakes, and access to answers. This is what you want.

When you are preparing for the online California Driver’s Education exam, you want the highest quality practice tests you can find. A great practice test will test your knowledge and show you your gaps in knowledge. Then, you will know where to focus to pass the exam on your first try.