Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – How Can I Best Serve My Community?

Name: Hussien Moayad Mahmoud
From: Olive Branch, Mississippi
Grade: 12th
School: Olive Branch High School
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Hussien Mahmoud

How Can I Best Serve My Community?

Serving my community is about more than just receiving credit for a club. The
main focus is the word serving. It is all about doing what the
community needs. Much like a job, there is always something that can
be done to improve a community. This is the best way I can serve the
community, by being there to do anything the community needs. The
community is in essence the representative for the people who live

There are many ways to help out the community. We can convince local
restaurants to spare their leftover foods so they can be donated to
the food bank, or we can even work at the food bank. We can do a
city-wide clean up in the parks, school areas, and neighborhoods.
Also things can be done individually with simple services such as
helping a friend or neighbor with their groceries or mowing their

Volunteering for my community is an important part of my life, and getting others
involved is key to making our community one of the best. I volunteer
about seventy-five hours a week just for clubs such as National Honor
Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and Interact. I also volunteer on my own for
local Mosque just about every weekend, assisting in Sunday school
preparations. This accounts for about 5 hours a weekend. If people
see myself doing my best to serve my community, then others will
follow my lead to clean up the community. Working at Chick-Fil-A has
taught me an action called random acts of kindness where we are
allowed to brighten up someone’s day by taking care of their ticket.
Seeing the look on their face when I do this for them is priceless.
This is how community service should feel for people. It is not a
time consuming activity rather a chance to help someone in need.

I have participated in helping the community with after school tutoring
sessions, canned food drives, campus cleanups, and other community
service projects. It does feel great to help out the community, and I
look for opportunities to do more service projects. I have been
trying to introduce a previously mentioned idea of donating the
leftover food of Chick-Fil-A to a homeless shelter, and I have been
trying to get my fellow coworkers to engage in community service

My goals for volunteering are to cause a positive change. They say that
in a perfect world, no one would be homeless or needy. Well we can
achieve a perfect world if we all pitch in to help those who are less
fortunate than us. Change will not come easy however. Change can be
fostered by setting a precedent that others will follow. Making a
difference to me would be persuading others through my actions to
follow a life of service above self. It is very difficult to cause
massive change, but if I am able to return and see that my community
and hopefully others are making a difference through my setup then I
will be extremely proud. Forward looking is setting up the world to
be more environment and needy oriented. This means working with
community leaders to find efficient ways to be productive yet helpful
ways to help the homeless in our local food shelters.

It also is not about doing community service with a certain club or
group. This is the hardest challenge I have encountered. People now
are goal oriented to the point where they are only concerned with
doing what will benefit themselves and their clubs. I have learned
that these goals and clubs are not what is important in life. These
clubs do not run my life. Community service is about the people you
serve, not vice versa.

People have every opportunity to engage in community service and benefit the
people in the community without doing so to benefit themselves. The
only benefit that should be for volunteering is the great feeling of
helping someone or a group of people out. I am extremely proud that I
have had the opportunity to participate in helping recycle, clean a
campus, collect canned food, tutor, and other activities all in order
to benefit the planet and people. After all, this is our planet and
our brothers and sisters live on this planet. We should do everything
in our power to make sure everyone is well accounted for. I have
tried to help benefit my community and will continue to do so in
order to make sure our community is an amazing community that is
worth being proud of.

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