Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Disadvantaged Adolescents

Name: Davion Parnell
From: Compton, California
Grade: College Junior
School: California State University Dominguez Hills
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Davion Parnell

Youth Forward Scholarship

May 2016

Disadvantaged Adolescents

I have chosen to work with disadvantaged youths because they need the
resources to stay on track and become successful like the nature of
the regular students on campus. Disadvantaged youth deserve the
opportunity to walk the stage and have great paths and careers. I
work eleven hours a week and work with the disadvantaged youths on
campus. My responsibility is helping the youths with computer and
location services. Other responsibilities are giving youth the
opportunity to talk with supervisors, so they can have an internship
and get experience, for me to offer drinks, food and printing
services if they need it at any time. Adding in, to learn about their
goals they can apply to class to be successful and graduate on time.
My biggest challenge as a volunteer is multitasking, because many
adolescents will come into the small environment in which I volunteer
for computer and location services, along with other sources of help
they need to seek from workers. The biggest satisfaction for me is
seeing the smiles of the adolescents that leave happy from the help I
have offered them. They really need the help once they step in the
doors and I do not hesitate one bit to satisfy their needs. From
volunteering I learned to be attentive, communicate and be on time.
Those three elements keeps me alert and on track for the next task
that is ahead of me.

Looking forward, the activities I have been involved in, makes the pursue to
a degree to the transfer to the real world experiences prepare me. I
am helping a group that needs a leader in the adolescent population
and going out in the real world and doing one-on-one sessions and
setting up activities will make my experience grow larger. From my
volunteer activities, what I change to foster in the world, would be
the rise of educational success among the disadvantaged adolescent
group. To see this group have a high graduation rate and have
companies give them the opportunity to fulfill their life dreams in
whatever they desire in life. If I were to come back in ten, twenty
or even thirty years, my volunteer activities would of made a
difference based on all of the future global situations effecting the
world all over the United States, like hunger, earthquakes and mass
shooting events.

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