Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Hi-Teen Mentoring

Name: Dominique Renee Davis
From: Fayetteville, GA
Grade: Junior
School: Fayette County High
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Hi-Teen mentoring

The area I have chosen to volunteer in is mentoring kids at my
neighborhood elementary school. The mentoring group is called HiTeen
Mentoring. The purpose of the program is to connect High School
students with elementary school students, in order to foster a
mentor-mentee relationship between them. The program is designed to
help the mentee reach their best potential in school, and it also
assist the mentor in building communication and leadership skills.

I choose to mentor kids because I am fortunate to have strong mentors
in my life. I wanted to give back to children who does not have the
same opportunity. In many situations, parents aren’t available to
provide guidance in their children’s lives. My responsibilities for
the HiTeen Mentoring group is to facilitate different activities that
help the elementary school student become comfortable in interacting
with me. I share stories with them of what it was like when I was in
elementary school, and what it like to now be in High School. I
encourage them to do well in school and take advantage of the other
resource that their school has to offer. I enjoy coming to the
elementary school and interacting with my mentees.

The biggest challenge as a volunteer is guiding my mentees in the right
path to live a successful in life. I want to make sure I am the
biggest influence to my mentee as possible. The children I’m
surrounded by give me the satisfaction as a volunteer. At Fayette
Elementary School, the kids are so happy, have a great imagination,
and are so warm hearted, that I love having them in my presence. From
my volunteer position, I’ve learned that helping someone is a great
thing to do, because it helps me to remember to think beyond my own
needs to help someone else that is at a greater disadvantage.

I have an interest in Psychology. Psychology aligns with volunteering
because psychologists helps address mental and behavioral issues.
For example, when I volunteering I help the mentees by giving them
advice on how to excel in school. With this advice, the mentees will
be encouraged to think about the specific ways to accomplish this
goal. Our discussions help the elementary school students focus on a
positive future.

When I look toward the future, I see volunteering as “forward looking”
because it will benefit me to become a strong leader in my community.
I see myself as a leader that will continue to help the community, by
volunteering in other community activities. To me, “forward
looking” means thinking about what’s to come in my future, and
how my actions today will lead me to my future goals.

In ten years, I think my volunteer activities will have made a
difference, because my influence on them has already shown to be
effective in a short period of time. I have confidence that they
also will have a positive effect on others in their communities.

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