Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Life Lessons in Volunteering

Name: Geny George
From: Plano, Texas
Grade: 12
School: Plano East Senior High School
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I have volunteered in different areas that include working with the food
bank, habitat for humanity, soup kitchens, disaster relief,
homelessness, and pediatric cancer patients.

I try to volunteer as much as I can but it can be difficult when I have school
and extracurricular activities. But since I am an officer for Habitat
for Humanity at my school, it allows me to volunteer on Saturdays
when I can. I know it is not much but I try to volunteer for
something at least once a month. I volunteer more during summer and
winter break because I am not as busy during those times with school.

The biggest responsibility of being a volunteer is having a good attitude. I
believe people shouldn’t just volunteer for hours for school or to
make themselves feel better. I think people should volunteer to see
the smile on the person’s face that you have just helped. Although
that usually does make one feel good it is important to keep the
people you’re helping in mind and remind yourself that you are
doing it to help another human being.

The biggest challenge of being a volunteer is having a good attitude
even if you are having a bad day. I’ve had days where my day does
not start off the way I wanted it to and then I have to volunteer
later. Leaving your own problems to help others can be difficult
because people tend to want help for their own problems rather than
help others with theirs. But it’s not too hard to get over my
problems because I realize how much I have and that I should be
thankful for everything.

The most satisfying thing about volunteering is seeing the people you are
helping smile and laugh. It’s such a great feeling to know that
some of these people do not even have a home but they don’t let it
get to them and can just laugh and smile. It is so inspiring to see
that their problems don’t completely overtake them as a person.

I have learned that everyone has a story. When I was volunteering at a soup kitchen
with my church we were talking to some of the guests their and
telling us their story. Maybe their life was great in the beginning
and then took a wrong turn. They have accepted their past and are
trying to move on and do better for themselves and maybe even their

Forward looking means if I will continue volunteering in the future and I believe I
will because I enjoy it so much. I would like to find different ways
to volunteer too.

I want to encourage more people to volunteer and give back to the community. I
think it’s an important step to realizing what all you have.

I hope my volunteer activities have made a difference. I think making at least
one person smile can make a difference in their life and mine even if
it is small.

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