Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Love Completely

Name: Baleigh Dellos
From: Salt Lake City, Utah
Grade: 12th
School: Skyline High School
Votes: 0

Ultimate Love I have been inspired to serve by many wonderful hard working people.
On average last year I volunteered around 400 hours. Most of my
volunteering is working with kids! I worked to tutor and play with
kids. I believe that it is important to see people with love not
judgement. I also had the opportunity to work hard at a part time job
in order to go to Guatemala and serve on a humanitarian trip there. I
am so passionate about the service I do. It is hard to remember
sometimes that you cannot change the world in one night so you need
to take it one small act at a time.

Senior year I had the opportunity to participate on the Community of Caring board.
My position was to head the Joanie Daily Service Scholar Memorial
Program. This is an award for seniors requiring over 182 hours of
service. One of my big projects was coming up and I was stressed out.
Our advisor (Joanie Daily) who had helped been our biggest
cheerleader was diagnosed with cancer. We were aware that she was
going to pass away within the next couple of days and we were
heartbroken. It was the day before the open house that I was putting
together and we were all called into the office; Joanie had lost her
battle with cancer. I really did not want to fulfill my duty of the
open house which was an all-day event but I knew I had to do it for
Joanie. The next day was my hardest obstacle when it came to service.
She was a great lady and is deeply missed.

The part of volunteering that has given me the most satisfaction is when people
reach a point when they don’t need the help anymore. I think the
goal of any volunteer organization is to help people to become
self-reliant. In Guatemala after we taught the lessons and installed
their wood burning stoves and cemented their floors and they were
that much more self-reliant, that was the most satisfying part of my
service experience. Of course the smiles are always wonderful and the
hugs are melt worthy, but if someone can support themselves that is
the ultimate goal of any service.

To me “forward Looking” means having a hope for the future. Looking at the world
today all that we see are tragedies and hardship. If we don’t have
hope, we have nothing. We must act to make the world a better place
for everyone especially children. If I came back later in my life I
believe that much of my service would have made a difference. Helping
title one kids to complete their school and with good grades effects
may people. If that child becomes a doctor or a lawyer or mother and
father than I have helped them to make a difference in many people
lives. I just hope that I can sit in the background and watch them do
wonderful things.

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